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Snack attack! Understanding nonhungry eating

Apr 20, 2021 Tony Montgomery

We fail because our goals are not sustainable. We jump into a weight loss journey and think we need to deprive ourselves—cut things out—and that we need to be 100% disciplined, up at 5a.m. every day getting in a run, hitting the weights in the evening after work. If that doesn’t fit into something that seems like fun or that seems like you can maintain for a while, well, don’t do it.

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Why manufacturing quality matters.

Apr 13, 2021 Tony Montgomery

Doesn’t matter how dirty you train if you can’t test clean. ::note: while the focus of this post is on the importance for tested athletes to know the ingredients they’re ingesting for competition purposes, it’s equally as important for the nontested or nonathlete consumer to know what they’re putting in their bodies. the information herein is pertinent to all informed supplement consumers::

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Sacrifice the supplements.

Apr 06, 2021 Emma Jarman

I have an entire drawer dedicated to supplements. It started small, more like a pharmacological junk drawer housed in a manageable tupperware container under the bathroom sink. But through years of bodybuilding shows and powerlifting meets, bulking phases and prep cuts and a few bouts of good old fashioned self loathing it’s grown to now take up an entire towel drawer spanning five feet across and two feet deep, built straight into the bathroom wall above the drawers of extra sheets and pillowcases, and actual bath towels. 

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Don’t just do. Pursue.

Mar 30, 2021 Tony Montgomery

As I was writing some emails to prospective clients, the word pursue came up a few times. At first, I didn’t even realize it was the name of the intraworkout supplement from Subject Zero. But as the client and I kept talking, she kept using that word. Because the word kept popping up, I really wanted to see what the definition was and why we might choose that word over another. Why not just say, “I want to lose the baby weight?”

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The Real Big 3: Macronutrients

Mar 25, 2021 Tony Montgomery

We’ve already covered calories in general, and nutrition/performance synergy, but what about the big three? No, not squat, bench and deadlift, the real big three: macronutrients (macros)—Protein, fat, carbohydrates. The celebration and consequent demonization of macros is foundational to the diet industry, and even those attitudes seem to change with the wind.

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A Powerlifter’s Timeout

Mar 14, 2021 Tony Montgomery

Deload: The reduction of intensity of one’s physical training, as a sort of recovery period. Deload weeks are great for recovery in allowing your body to rest from weeks of hard training, Right? But what if we’re missing the bigger picture? Deloads are more than just a time for allowing the body to heal, they’re a time to take a step back and reevaluate your body mechanics, reset your mind and refocus on the task at hand.

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