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May 11, 2021 Emma Jarman

Biohacking, also known as DIY biology, is a psuedo-science/ alternative medicine/ biotechnological social movement that includes a dizzying number of practices including infrared light baths, drinking “salt juice,” tracking your sleep and biorhythms, cryotherapy, stem cell injections, taking nootropics, gathering neurofeedback, float tanks, dopamine fasting, intermittent fasting, chip implanting, or even pumping a younger person's blood into your own veins with the hope it will fight aging, and more. People do these things for many reasons from health and healing, to being as smart and strong as possible, to being healthy, smart and strong as possible for as long as possible - think a human life spanning hundreds of years (Gerontologist Aubrey de Grey claims the first person to live to be 1,000 years old has already been born)! The general industry seems to be pointed toward leapfrogging the restrictions of our own human biology to increase longevity (lifespan) and power (both physical and cognitive). 

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Synchronous vs Asynchronous Learning

May 04, 2021 Emma Jarman

For every student there is arguably a unique learning style that best fits their ability to absorb and retain information. With the past year of online/at home learning “opportunities” combined with the mass social migration to the digital sphere, more and more learning is taking place online and in front of screens as opposed to in the traditional classroom. But although where education is taking place has changed greatly, education or the presentation of it, in its simplest form, has always and can still be broken down to two types: Synchronous and asynchronous learning.

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4-Week Plan to Improve Sleep

Apr 27, 2021 Tony Montgomery

Sleep is an essential function of the human body, allowing it to recharge, remain healthy and stave off disease. It also has a massive impact on athletic performance. Regular, quality sleep is essential for optimal performance. Lack of sleep has myriad harmful effects including lowered sex drive, weakened immune system, cognitive issues, weight gain, increased risk of certain cancers, diabetes and even car accidents. So why then, if sleep is so fundamental to the optimal function of the human body, do so many of us struggle to sleep well? The reasons are innumerable but include, among others, stress, bad habits/lack of regular sleep routine, anxiety, depression, physical illness, pain, medications and neurological issues. The following addresses a number of these issues and provides actionable tips with realistic expectations on a manageable timeline to get you to sleep faster, longer and more soundly through the night.

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Snack attack! Understanding nonhungry eating

Apr 20, 2021 Tony Montgomery

We fail because our goals are not sustainable. We jump into a weight loss journey and think we need to deprive ourselves—cut things out—and that we need to be 100% disciplined, up at 5a.m. every day getting in a run, hitting the weights in the evening after work. If that doesn’t fit into something that seems like fun or that seems like you can maintain for a while, well, don’t do it.

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Why manufacturing quality matters.

Apr 13, 2021 Tony Montgomery

Doesn’t matter how dirty you train if you can’t test clean. ::note: while the focus of this post is on the importance for tested athletes to know the ingredients they’re ingesting for competition purposes, it’s equally as important for the nontested or nonathlete consumer to know what they’re putting in their bodies. the information herein is pertinent to all informed supplement consumers::

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Sacrifice the supplements.

Apr 06, 2021 Emma Jarman

I have an entire drawer dedicated to supplements. It started small, more like a pharmacological junk drawer housed in a manageable tupperware container under the bathroom sink. But through years of bodybuilding shows and powerlifting meets, bulking phases and prep cuts and a few bouts of good old fashioned self loathing it’s grown to now take up an entire towel drawer spanning five feet across and two feet deep, built straight into the bathroom wall above the drawers of extra sheets and pillowcases, and actual bath towels. 

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