Trevor Jaffe’s Preworkout Drink


I am a big caffeine fan but I still love to use Augment as my preworkout drink, so I personalize my own drink to get my going into training. I make my drinks the night before training so that way it’s ready to go in the morning and I have no excuses.

I start with a scoop of Augment in my water bottle. Augment has been great to help keep me going for my workouts. I workout daily at 11 and it helps fuel me all the way through my workout even after only having one meal before I train.

The next thing I add to my water bottle is a scoop of Replenish so I can get the electrolytes in there. I don’t always get a chance to hydrate as much as I want to before an 11am training session, so Replenish gives me what I might be missing out on with the amazingly dosed electrolyte blend.


And last ingredient, because I am who I am and love stimulants, I add in my own form of caffeine to the water bottle. I buy the capsule and and drop one capsule into my drink that’ll breakdown overnight so when I grab my drink in the morning, it’s dissolved and ready to fuel me, hydrate me, and caffeinate me.


I start sipping on this about 20 minutes before I start working out and finish the last little bit when I begin training and I am good to go every day!

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