• 4-Week Plan to Improve Sleep

    Sleep is an essential function of the human body, allowing it to recharge, remain healthy and stave off disease. It also has a massive impact on athletic performance. Regular, quality sleep is essential for optimal performance. Lack of sleep has myriad harmful effects including lowered sex drive, weakened immune system, cognitive issues, weight gain, increased risk of certain cancers, diabetes and even car accidents. So why then, if sleep is so fundamental to the optimal function of the human body, do so many of us struggle to sleep well?

    The reasons are innumerable but include, among others, stress, bad habits/lack of regular sleep routine, anxiety, depression, physical illness, pain, medications and neurological issues. The following addresses a number of these issues and provides actionable tips with realistic expectations on a manageable timeline to get you to sleep faster, longer and more soundly through the night.