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How food palatability effects hunger signals

Jun 15, 2021 Tony Montgomery

Hunger signals are driven by a sensory perception based on what the food value is. This means that the total amount of food eaten can be predicted before you actually eat it. These predictions are dictated by neurons in the body that connect to the hypothalamus. Hunger signals are generated by the activation of AGRP neurons, which induce negative feelings and initiate food-seeking activities. We perceive a highly attractive food to generate a huge hunger signal, so much so that even if the initial food was replaced with not as attractive food, the person will still overeat because the hunger signal has already sounded. Now, if unattractive food was presented, those hunger signals drop off, and if that was replaced with attractive food the amount of consumption would be profoundly less. This means that the foods we surround ourselves with make a huge difference in how much and what we eat.  

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How to know when you are recovered

Jun 08, 2021 Tony Montgomery

I am always looking for ways to improve recovery so I can train harder and more often. Research shows the best ways to improve recovery are quality sleep for between 7-9 hours a night, proper nutrition (slight calorie surplus), and sound programming taking into consideration volume, load and intensity. 

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The Selfish Powerlifter

Jun 01, 2021 Tony Montgomery

Before we get started, let’s take some time to point out how amazing it is to be a part of a sport such as powerlifting. The community is overwhelmingly welcoming and supportive, oftentimes to the extreme. As lifters, it’s a breath of fresh air to have a community that understands, Powerlifter, bodybuilders, etc. Normally we feel as if we are outsiders, misunderstood and judged by ones who do not share the same desires. For many, finding powerlifting and becoming a part of such a great community is very rewarding.

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May 25, 2021 Emma Jarman

You’ve probably heard this term before, especially if you are an athlete or person who puts careful consideration into their diet and supplementation. But if you really only know it in context, or have not truly investigated what it is and why it’s important, this is your Cliffs Notes overview.

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